Kelli and Kyle Say Hello!

Hi, I’m Kelli.
And I’m Kyle. When Kelli originally wrote the books we star in, we were undergraduates at Metacomet College.
Kyle’s right, I wrote the first book in our series, Murder In TheFirst Semester – 101, while we were still Freshman. My friend, The Munificent Scribbler suggested the name Falon Trapidi, thinking a pen name was my best choice, since, at the time, I was pursuing a legal career. Little did I know that I would continue to write another book.
And she’s outlined several more.
That’s right, Kyle. I was hoping to write one book for each semester of our college years. What do you think, Kyle?
I would read anything you write, Kelli.
Oh, man, how you two can still be mushing it up after all these years is beyond me.
This is our friend Casey.
Who are you talking to, Kyle?
She’s talking to our potential readers.
Oh, hey, any cute girls out there? You can contact me at-
Thank you, Casey.
Hey, you don’t have to push me off the page, Kelli.
I’m sure, at least in the United States, every woman already knows how to contact you.
Hey, Kelli, if there’s a book tour I want to come.
Oh, come on, Kyle. I can act as her distractor. After all Kelli’s hot, and the babes on the road are going to be wanting to cozy-up to her.
Never mind, I trust Kelli. She can take care of herself.
Besides, Casey, I’m not doing a book tour. I might try a virtual meet and greet, or something, though.
Virtual? I like to meet my woman in the flesh. All right, forget it. I’m outta here.
Yes, folks, there she goes, voted Metacomet College’s most likely to die at the hands of someone’s husband or boyfriend, our friend Casey.
Still the wandering philanderer.
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy my books.
Catch you on the page-turn. Wait, does that even make sense, Kelli? The saying use to be “catch you on the flip-side”, but that was when vinyl records were the only way to listen to music, besides on the radio or in the presence of a live band.
Don’t worry about it, Kyle. I’m sure people will know what you meant.
Yeah, but I don’t want to sound like a dork and ruin your audience, for you.
Kyle, you mean more to me than any audience. Come on, let’s go find Haili.
That kid…

Kelli and Kyle – Some Favorite Movies

Kelli and Kyle’s favorite movie – The Thin Man:

Asta always steals the show:

Kelli’s great grandparents saw this movie in the theaters in 1942:

Kelli and Kyle watched this movie last night:

Kyle says this is her all-time favorite movie:

Kelli said she loves this old movie based on a Raymond Chandler novel:

Becoming Jane (Anne Hathaway, 2007):

Charlie Chan At The 1936 Olympics (Starring Warner Oland. 1936 – A time when it took 13 hours to fly from Honolulu to Los Angeles!):

To Have And Have Not (Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall):

How To Marry A Millionaire (Lauren Bacall, Betty Gable, Marilyn Monroe):

The Maltese Falcon (Humphrey Bogart, Sidney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre, Mary Astor):

Merrily We Live (Constance Bennett, Bruce Ahern, Billie Burke):

Miss Potter (2006; Renee Zellweger):

Nancy Drew Reporter (Bonita Granville, 1939):

Topper (1937 – Cary Grant, Constance Bennett):

Nazi leader who has infiltrated New York – Heir Ebbing (played by Conrad Veidt): “Do you ever look at these Americans as they read the headlines? Already, we have split them into angry little groups, flying at each other, unconscious they are doing our work. You will see in a year, perhaps less than a year, they will be taking orders from us.” From the movie “All Through The Night” (1944): A Kelli and Kyle favorite.

What a quirky comedy with some great one-liners! Gail Patrick (Mabel) was such an underrated actress. “Up In Mabel’s Room”: A favorite of Kelli and Kyle.


What’s your favorite movie?

Kelli and Kyle – Some Favorite Music

ARIZONA – “Electric Touch”:  (Kelli’s Seattle)

Audien – featuring Lady Antebellum – “Something Better”:

Bon Jovi – “It’s My Life”:

Caroline Sky and Megan Slankard – “Stop Dragging My Heart Around”:

Casi Joy – “Angel from Montgomery”:

Chris Blue – “Love and Happiness”:

Domenico Modugno – “Volare”:

Elvis Presley – “Follow That Dream:

Fred Astaire – “The Way You Look Tonight” (from the movie “Swing Time” with Ginger Rogers):

Gin Blossoms – “Found Out About You”:

Indigo Girls – “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”:

Jenny Lewis – “Just One Of The Guys” (with Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson, and Kristen Stewart):

Mary Lambert – “She Keeps Me Warm”:

Megan Davies and Emily Hackett – “Hold My Hand”:

Sheena Brook – “Baby Girl”:

The Spinners – “I’ll Be Around”:

Stephanie Rice – “Piece by Piece”:

Sugarland – “Something More” :

Tom Jones – “It’s Not Unusual” :

Tonic – “If You Could Only See” :

Van Halen – “Jump” :

Vintage VH1 – Original Music Videos – 1981 – Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty – Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around: