Kelli and Kyle Say Hello!

Hi, I’m Kelli.
And I’m Kyle. When Kelli originally wrote the books we star in, we were undergraduates at Metacomet College.
Kyle’s right, I wrote the first book in our series, Murder In TheFirst Semester – 101, while we were still Freshman. My friend, The Munificent Scribbler suggested the name Falon Trapidi, thinking a pen name was my best choice, since, at the time, I was pursuing a legal career. Little did I know that I would continue to write another book.
And she’s outlined several more.
That’s right, Kyle. I was hoping to write one book for each semester of our college years. What do you think, Kyle?
I would read anything you write, Kelli.
Oh, man, how you two can still be mushing it up after all these years is beyond me.
This is our friend Casey.
Who are you talking to, Kyle?
She’s talking to our potential readers.
Oh, hey, any cute girls out there? You can contact me at-
Thank you, Casey.
Hey, you don’t have to push me off the page, Kelli.
I’m sure, at least in the United States, every woman already knows how to contact you.
Hey, Kelli, if there’s a book tour I want to come.
Oh, come on, Kyle. I can act as her distractor. After all Kelli’s hot, and the babes on the road are going to be wanting to cozy-up to her.
Never mind, I trust Kelli. She can take care of herself.
Besides, Casey, I’m not doing a book tour. I might try a virtual meet and greet, or something, though.
Virtual? I like to meet my woman in the flesh. All right, forget it. I’m outta here.
Yes, folks, there she goes, voted Metacomet College’s most likely to die at the hands of someone’s husband or boyfriend, our friend Casey.
Still the wandering philanderer.
Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy my books.
Catch you on the page-turn. Wait, does that even make sense, Kelli? The saying use to be “catch you on the flip-side”, but that was when vinyl records were the only way to listen to music, besides on the radio or in the presence of a live band.
Don’t worry about it, Kyle. I’m sure people will know what you meant.
Yeah, but I don’t want to sound like a dork and ruin your audience, for you.
Kyle, you mean more to me than any audience. Come on, let’s go find Haili.
That kid…